Elderplan Interoperability – 3rd Party Application Developer User Guide


Application developers who want to enter the health care interoperability space need to abide by strict standards to keep member data private and secure.

Elderplan Interoperability APIs are developer-friendly, standards-based APIs that enable 3rd party application vendors to connect their application programs to access Elderplan data.

This document provides an overview of how to register 3rd party applications to connect to the Elderplan FHIR server and access member data.

Registering 3rd party applications:

Before a 3rd party application (hereafter referred to as app) connects to Elderplan, the vendor’s app must first be registered and approved by the Elderplan Administrator. Once the Elderplan administrator approves the app, the app developer can access the OAuth token, URL, and client credentials (client id & secret) to connect the app to the Elderplan FHIR server.

Below are the steps to register the 3rd party app:

  1. Access Elderplan App gallery Developer portal URL (below link) and click ‘Get Started.’
  2. If this is your first time accessing the developer portal for app registration (a new developer), click ‘Sign up’ and enter details for creating a new developer user.
  3. Once developer user is created, login with the user credentials.
    • For first-time users, enter developer account details
    • For Registered Business users provide the Legal full name, Designation and Data Universal Numbering System (DUN), etc.
    • For Individual users enter Legal Name.
  4. Provide the address details as requested in the registration form.
    • For registering a business user:
      Registering as a Business User
  5. Once Developer account details are provided, a dashboard page is displayed for registering the 3rd party app / Viewing the status of registered apps.
    App Registration Dashboard
  6. To register a new app, click the ‘Register App’ button and provide the requested details

Step 1: Enter App name

Graphic of phone on the left with app registration steps to the right, field for App Name

Step 2: Provider App Operating Supported System details, App Home Page URL, Privacy Policy, App’s Terms of services, and OAuth redirect URLs

App registration steps graphic with fields for supported operating systems and additional detail fields

Step 3: Upload App Icon, Short & Long Description of the app (Mandatory fields)

App registration progress bar with description fields

Step 4: Select Categories and FHIR Version 3rd party App supports (Mandatory)

App registration progress bar with category fields

Step 5: Provide the scopes as given below (Mandatory)

App registration process with Requested Scopes field

fhirUser launch launch/patient offline_access online_access openid organization/*.read patient/*.read patient/AllergyIntolerance.read patient/CarePlan.read patient/CareTeam.read patient/Condition.read patient/Coverage.read patient/Encounter.read patient/ExplanationOfBenefit.read patient/FamilyMemberHistory.read patient/Goal.read patient/Immunization.read patient/Location.read patient/Medication.read patient/MedicationAdministration.read patient/MedicationDispense.read patient/MedicationKnowledge.read patient/Observation.read patient/Organization.read patient/Patient.read patient/Practitioner.read patient/PractitionerRole.read patient/Procedure.read profile user/*.read

App registration process with Legal Attestation statement and Accept/Decline radio buttons

Step 7: Once the app is registered, wait for the Elderplan Administrator to approve the app.


When App is first submitted, Status will be shown as ‘Review’.  Once Approved, Status will be shown as ‘Live’.

Step 8: Getting OIDC client connect details

Once the app is approved by the Elderplan Administrator, login to Elderplan developer portal and get the OIDC client details from the registered app.

  • Login to Elderplan developer portal with your Developer account. Reminder: if this is your first time logging in, make sure to log in to the Test / Sandbox and perform thorough testing before entering Production.
  • Once logged into the developer portal, all the registered apps will be displayed with status (Pending/ In Review/ In Review -> Live/Rejected)
  • Click on the app that is approved and the status is shown as In Review -> Live
  • Copy the below OIDC client connect details
    • OIDC Client ID
    • FHIR Endpoint
    • OAuth 2.0 Authorize Endpoint
    • OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint
  • Use these connection details in your app to connect to the Elderplan FHIR Repository

Step 9: Getting the API Key to make requests

Once Elderplan Administrator approves the app, the Elderplan Admin will create a unique API Key for the app and share it with the app developer. This API key must be passed as a parameter in the Headers for every API request to Elderplan.

Note: To ensure smooth and secure operations, Elderplan has implemented rate limit on API requests. This means there’s a minimum number of requests allowed per minute. If this limit is exceeded, subsequent requests may fail. Additionally, Elderplan will be notified with alerts for further investigation.

Developer sandbox to test data:

  • To join the developer Test/Sandbox, register a sample application and retrieve synthetic data for a sample Patient ID Login to Elderplan Developer portal (Test/Sandbox) with your developer account
  • Copy the OIDC connect details, and configure your app.
    • OIDC Client ID
    • FHIR Endpoint
    • OAuth 2.0 Authorize Endpoint
    • OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint

Reference URLs:

To read more details about Elderplan’s Developer Portal, click the link below:


Elderplan FHIR URLs:

https://api-test.elderplan.org/app-gallery/portal/  For Test/Sandbox

https://api.elderplan.org/app-gallery/portal/  For Production

NOTE: Register your app in Test/Sandbox, and test properly before registering your app in Production. Elderplan Administrator will approve the app in Production, if and only if the app is registered and tested in Test/Sandbox.

Support Contact details

If you’re facing any issues related to app registration, developers account username/password or OIDC connection issue with test/sandbox/prod etc. please send us an email with details. We’ll connect and resolve the issues asap (if issue is related to Elderplan FHIR server).

Support Email ID:  [email protected]