Health and Wellness Resources

Let’s Get All Together Healthy

Living healthier starts with learning about your health.

We value the health and wellness of our members and are excited to offer you resources to help educate you on your journey. Knowing the basics about specific health conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, may help you be more aware of symptoms or risk factors to look out for.

We encourage you to actively participate in your well-being using these tools and educational materials. And as always, we recommend adhering to your physician’s treatment and prescription plan.

Wellness Incentive Program

We value the health and wellness of our members and are excited to be able to offer a wellness incentive program that will enable you to be rewarded with a $25 gift card for each completed screening you are eligible for and have received by December 31, 2024. All you have to do is take care of yourself.

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Resource Categories

Diabetes and You

Learn about diabetes and how to manage it before it becomes a serious health problem.

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Food and Nutrition

Lower your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease by learning about nutrition and the foods that keep you healthy!

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Healthy Heart

Learn how to take preventative measures to lower your risk of developing heart disease, including coronary heart disease.

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Get tips and advice on practicing healthy habits and attaining better physical and mental health so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving.