About Elderplan and HomeFirst

A member of MJHS Health System, Elderplan and HomeFirst offer health plans that provide comprehensive and compassionate health care coverage for seniors and individuals requiring long-term care in Greater New York. With a focus on quality, affordability, and member-centric services, we are committed to enhancing the lives of our members by offering health plans that prioritize well-being and independence.

A masked doctor speaks with a smiling patient while they hold hands.

Our Health Plans:

  1. Elderplan Medicare Advantage: Our Elderplan Medicare Advantage plans offer various options to cover all seniors’ health care needs. From preventive services to prescription drug coverage, we prioritize simplicity and affordability, ensuring our members receive the care they deserve.
  2. HomeFirst Managed Long-Term Care: HomeFirst is our specialized managed long-term care plan, catering to individuals who require ongoing assistance with daily activities due to chronic illness or disability. Our dedicated team collaborates with members to create personalized care plans that enable them to receive necessary care in the comfort of their own homes.