Flex Benefit

NEW! $500 Flex Benefit

This year, we are happy to be able to provide our members with more benefits and flexibility. Our new Flex benefit can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses for hearing, vision, dental and fitness. You can use your Flex card at any provider that accepts Visa. We strongly encourage you to use your plan benefits first and then use your Flex card.

Using Your Flex Benefit

Dental: Use your dental benefits first, then use your Flex benefit to cover any remaining out-of-pocket costs for both in-network and out-of-network providers. Apply it towards dental procedures such as implants, dentures, repairs, realignments, extractions, root canals, bridges, crowns, periodontal work, and more.

Vision: Make the most of your annual Elderplan vision benefit by choosing an in-network provider. Then, use this card to pay for any remaining balance. Apply it towards items like contact lenses, eyeglasses, progressive and transition lenses, prescription sunglasses, and more.

Hearing Services: Optimize your Elderplan hearing aid benefit with an in-network provider, and then use this card for any outstanding balance. Apply it towards hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, repairs, and more.

Fitness: Take advantage of this benefit to either join a neighborhood gym or schedule a private training session.

Mom and daughter using the Flex Card