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Elderplan Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefits

At Elderplan, we understand the importance of having access to nutritious meals, healthy groceries, and all your favorite health-related items. With Elderplan, you can do just that. Shop at your neighborhood pharmacy, participating store, or online, and have your items delivered directly to your home.

Traditional OTC Benefits

If you have Traditional OTC Benefits, you can make health-related purchases for non-prescription medication, health, wellness and first aid items. You can also order online and have them delivered to your home at no additional cost. The amount you have to spend varies by plan, see how much you are entitled to, and start shopping.

To start shopping online, log in to your OTC Member Portal, call our partner Convey Benefits at 1-855-653-3175 TTY:711 (8 am–8 pm, Monday–Friday), or visit a participating store. All you have to do is pay using your OTC card during checkout.

To get the most out of your Elderplan benefits, don’t forget to check out mybenefitscenter.com. It’s a really helpful website where you can manage your OTC account and find a big list of stores and online retailers that accept your OTC card. This site is super important because it helps you use all the great things your benefits offer. Just type in your zip code and you’ll see stores close to you. Plus, the website has links to online stores such as Walmart.com, where you can buy eligible OTC items you need without leaving your house. This website makes shopping easy and helps you get the most out of your OTC benefit.

Expanded OTC Benefits

The Expanded OTC Benefit allows eligible members to use their OTC allowance towards health-related items + rent/mortgage + groceries + meals + internet + wireless, and utility bill payments. Find out if you qualify for this expanded benefit.

  • Home-Delivered Meals, through a partnership with Mom’s Meals — you can now leave the cooking to us. Mom’s Meals delivers the food you need to stay healthy right to your doorstep. Their meals are tailored to each member and can be customized based on your medical condition, like diabetes, kidney problems, cancer and heart disease. To place your order, sign in to Mom’s Meals or call 1-877-347-3438 (6 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday).
  • Groceries and Fresh Produce delivered right to your door. Through our partnership with FarmboxRx, members can order fresh produce, healthy cooking kits, and pantry essentials. Log in to FarmboxRx to start your fresh produce order. You can also call 1-888-416-3589, 10 am–6 pm, seven days a week or visit a participating store.

Whether you have Traditional OTC or the Expanded OTC benefit, you will be provided with an easy-to-use pre-loaded OTC Card to purchase select products. And, with a dedicated member portal and phone app, you can track how much you’ve spent and how much you have left on your card.

Are you ready to start using your OTC Benefits? The first thing you need to do is activate your Elderplan OTC card.