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Over-the-Counter Benefits by Plan

While most of our plans provide Traditional OTC benefits, the amount you can spend varies by plan.

This chart outlines each plan’s OTC allowance for Traditional OTC and Expanded OTC Benefits.  To see if you qualify for the expanded Expanded OTC Benefits, fill out this questionnaire.

 Traditional OTC BenefitsExpanded OTC1
Health-Related ItemsHealth-Related Items + Groceries + Home Delivered MealsInternet + Wireless+ Utility Bill Payments+ Rent/Mortgage Assistance+ Cell Phone Bill PayOTC Allowance
Elderplan Plus Long-term Care$270 Every Month
Elderplan for Medicaid Beneficiaries$210 Every Month
Elderplan Extra HelpNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered$140 Every Quarter
Elderplan FlexNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered$140 Every Quarter2
Elderplan AssistNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered$120 Every Month
Elderplan Advantage for Nursing Home ResidentsNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered$150 Every Month
Elderplan SelectNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered$110 every month
HomeFirst (MLTC)Not CoveredNot CoveredNot CoveredNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered
  1. For eligible members (with certain chronic conditions) the Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill combines with the OTC benefit. Determine if you are eligible to receive Expanded OTC Benefits by answering a few simple questions. []
  2. If you chose OTC instead of Transportation as your Select Extra benefit. []