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Using Your OTC Benefit

Before you start, make sure to set up an account on the OTC+Flex Member Portal to keep track of your benefits. Whether you have Traditional or Expanded OTC, Elderplan has you covered. Just use your OTC Card to make purchases, and you’re good to go!

Health-Related Purchases

Use your OTC card for health-related purchases, like non-prescription medications, wellness, and first aid items based on your OTC allowance. You can make purchases in person, online, or by phone. The first step is to check for eligible items and confirm your chosen retailer’s participation by logging into your OTC +Flex Member Portal.

  • For in-person shopping, select eligible items and pick the OTC card option at checkout.  The purchase amount will be deducted automatically from your balance. Any remaining balance requires an alternative form of payment.
  • For online shopping, visit a participating retailer’s website. Choose eligible items at checkout, and your OTC Card will cover purchases up to your approved balance. Any remaining balance needs an additional form of payment.

NEW! Rent/Mortgage Assistance*

Some plans allow members who are eligible for the Expanded OTC to use the OTC allowance toward rent, mortgage, and Homeowner Association (HOA) fees at their residence, but not for someone else. To make a payment, check with your landlord or mortgage company first to make sure they accept Visa and provide them with your OTC card information. Funds will be deducted from your OTC account.

Wireless, Internet, and Utility Bill Payment*

Some plans allow members who are eligible for the Expanded OTC to use OTC card to pay for internet, wireless, and utility bills. Simply call your utility provider using the phone number on your billing statement and give them your OTC+Flex card number, or go to your utility provider’s online bill pay portal, and when asked for payment, enter your OTC+Flex card number.

Home-Delivered Meals*

You can now leave the cooking to us. Visit your OTC Member Portal to find participating retailers in our program. Meals can be customized for each member based on their medical condition, such as diabetes, kidney problems, cancer, and heart disease.

Healthy Foods and Fresh Produce*

You can shop for healthy foods and fresh produce in person or online. To find eligible items and participating retailers, visit your OTC+Flex Member Portal.

While all of our plans provide an OTC benefit, what’s covered and at what amount varies by plan. This chart outlines each plan’s OTC benefits and allowance for Traditional and Expanded OTC Benefits.  To see if you qualify for the expanded OTC Benefits, fill out this questionnaire.

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*For eligible members (with certain chronic conditions) the Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill combined with the OTC benefit. The SSBCI benefit differs by plan to include certain add-ons as part of the OTC allowance.